Stewart Dawber: Skye Wildlife Photographer and Bespoke Tour Guide Contact me on 07402408107

Your wildlife guide and wildlife tour

I have always had a passion for the natural world and from a young age. Walking to college along the river one morning I saw my first Kingfisher sitting on a branch, this inspired me to buy my very first SLR camera. I went back to the same place on the river every morning after sunrise and with patience and perseverance got my first wildlife photo! Today I am lucky enough to be living and working in the Scottish Highlands on the magical Isle of Skye working as a professional photographer and cameraman. Living on the wild west coast of Scotland with its ever changing weather and the vast wild landscapes inspire me every day.
Each day is different, one day the sky may be a wondrous colour and the water mirror still the next. I may be battling hail and snow storms but there is always something to encounter. An otter is easy to spot in calm water but amazing to see it battling stormy seas with a butterfish in his jaws. Identifying and viewing majestic Eagles both Golden and White tailed are a daily part of wildlife tour and my ethos is to make sure when we are out viewing or with our cameras while the birds and animals are not disturbed in their natural environment. As a photographer my top priority is the wild animal’s welfare. Getting close enough to wild animals can be a challenge but with years of field craft experience and patience I can show you iconic Scottish wildlife while tracking, watching them and identifying their specific behaviours and personalities. The animals are wild so finding them is not guaranteed but the chances are increased with my wealth of knowledge and local understanding of individual animals and birds. You will have access to binoculars and a spotting scope to give us brilliant views.
Your wildlife tour will be a relaxed quiet experience where the wildlife takes centre stage. You will be able to leave behind the stresses of life and the demands of work and immerse yourself into the pace of the natural world.
My work record includes:
  • Camera assistant filming Kingfishers for BBC Natural History Unit Bristol
  • Field Volunteer with Barn Owl Trust in South West of England
  • Educational field talks about wildlife to primary schools
  • Assistant Warden at Eilean Ban island / Skye bridge
  • Magazine covers –
    • Skye Magazine
    • Devon Life
    • BBC Wildlife magazine
  • RSPB- Devon Barn Owl Trust-
  • Photographic Stills BBC Natural History Films- Pine marten
  • Wildlife consultant – Wild Art BBC Programming
  • Skye Resident photographer Pace Productions
  • Mountain Hare Film Sequences Pace Productions
  • Angus Moorland Group Ecology Film sequences Pace productions
  • Sleat Camera Club- Guest Speaker -wildlife photography
  • Consultant to BBC
  • Columnist for Scotland in Four Seasons Magazine 2023