Wildlife Blog

I will keep a blog on this page about the wildlife encounters my clients & myself have and any photos related, this will help you see what type of wildlife tour I can offer to new clients and the daily antics of the animals we see, photograph as well as the work I do not just as a wildlife guide but my additional job as a wildlife photographer & film maker 25th April 2021 Managed to see one of the Golden Eagles I work with each year, this one is the male from a pair taking some time out from hunting or patrolling his large territory, spring is a busy time for raptors and a sensitive period where disturbance can be a issue if human activity gets to close to a nesting area, today I was out in the woods high in the hills to look for signs of Pine Martens and to observe the returned numbers of ground nesting birds in the valley below, the Eagle watched me for about 15mins with just the right distance between us so not to make him take flight, I managed to get a few photos and then retreat down and out of view for this magical bird to carry on preening his flight feathers while probably eyeing up potential prey in a distant hill, nothing beats getting a photo and not disturbing the animal, its important to always practice and respect the fear circle that certain animals have! Years of field craft has taught me not to intrude on the sensitive nature wildlife might have, it is a fine balance between respecting your subject and getting a suitable image.