Wildlife Watching

All prices per person based on minimum of 2. Special discount rates for groups of 3 or more.

Wildlife Watching

There will be a few alternative tours for you to enjoy. Tours can be spread out over the days depending on the weather, what you and your friends would like to see and how many people your group.

Group size varies, very small groups maybe 1 or 2 is ideal for viewing eagles. If you want to see otters then it would be up to 3 or 4. If you want a close encounter with a Pine Marten in the comfort of a hide in the woods then 2 max. Photo stalking red deer and even deer stalking with a gun in liaison with the local sporting estate ( if any of your guests would be interested) can also b

All prices per person based on minimum of 2. Special discount rates for groups of 3 or more.

Eagle watching

Your friends can be picked up first light because that may be the best time to get an amazing sight.. Times are flexible depending on wind direction and weather.

The day would start with Stewart personally walking alongside your friends and guiding you into the magical Skye landscape with the Cuillin mountain ridge as a backdrop. Stewart will find a place within the hill to hunker down and await the eagles appearance.

Obviously sometimes views cannot be guaranteed but the beauty of the landscape is awe inspiring.

Clothes: hill walking footwear/ layered clothing/neutral colours but a camouflage outer coat will be available. We will also provide midge nets if needed.

Half day £120 pp (Minimum 2)  free local pick up (South Skye) included: Travel costs further afield extra

Full Day £240 pp (Minimum 2)  free local pick up (South Skye) included -Travel costs extra

All prices per person based on minimum of 2. Special discount rates for groups of 3 or more.

Contact:   skyehighwildlife@gmail.com or phone 01471 855643  Mobile  07402408107

Otter watching

Full Day (7 Hours) £240 based on 2x clients minimum / individual clients alone will be £240 .  additional hours £20 per hour                               Family / Child discounts available.

Half Day (3 Hours) 120per person based on 2x clients minimum / individual clients alone is £120

Otters are are quite at home here on the Isle of Skye and west coast of Scotland, lots of quiet shoreline for them to thrive, they however are elusive and stealthy when they want, Stewart has over 20 years experience of tracking and watching Otters, it has made him able to photograph & film unique portraits of these iconic and intelligent animals.

If you have never seen a Otter before or would like to photograph them then join Stewart to guide you to various locations that suit your needs, these can be easily reached by car, short walks can be made if needed or longer treks for those that can!

A Telescope is provided to ease viewing of Otters in their natural habitat as are Binoculars which can be offered to suit your eye preference through out the day, we will check camera traps (Trail cameras) that show up to date movements of individual Otters on location, we will check other signs of them  such as Spraint (Otter Poo) or paw prints and prey remains, once a Otter is found we can track it at the correct distance and Stewart will get you as close as he knows with out disturbing them with field craft, this can lead to magical prolonged encounters and possibly close enough for photos.

Clothes recommended : Neutral/dark clothing, grippy wellies, walking boots, waterproof clothes, warm layers and a hat depending on the weather or season?

Mobility : Otters live in rugged often remote shorelines but Stewart has knowledge of locations that Otters can been seen from or near the car or paved paths with easy wheel chair access or for clients with mobility restrictions.

Cameras : Bring your camera or phone, charged and ready, even if you do not have a telephoto lens.

Otter Photography Workshop

Stewart is a Professional wildlife photographer & cameraman, for a more unique bespoke package he can offer a client who may wish to photograph Otters up close, this is open to anyone who is new to wildlife photography, amateur’s or Professionals, usually a Full Day (6 Hours) is needed for enough time to track down otters on location and get closer in the correct manner.

Camera Equipment : Any DSLR or Mirrorless systems are ideal – Nikon, Sony, Canon etc? Lenses what ever you have but the longest focal length is best 300 – 400mm or longer is ideal, a bean bag or folded jacket is best although a  tripod with Gimbal or pan & tilt head can steady longer lenses. waterproof covers help from weather or sea spray and wet seaweed. good camera bag / rucksack with enough room for camera or personal gear.

Stewart is capable of carrying extra lenses or gear for you if you wish in his rucksack to reduce weight load if needed

Clothes: Neutral/dark, grippy wellies, walking boots, waterproof clothes.

Contact skyehighwildlife@gmail.com or phone 01471 855643 Mobile 07402408107

Pine Martens

Join Stewart for a evening watching Pine Martens at an established feeding station in the pine forests, you can select an evening session on its own or added to one of the other wildlife tours that day. To see these amazing animals up close in the comfort of a cabin hide with parking right outside for easy access, the area is set at a farm with interesting livestock and other animals to see on your visit with Stewart, hot & cold drinks available on site and and a toilet next door.

The Pine Martens feed anytime between 5 & 8pm although being wild and almost daily seen at this site they can not be guaranteed to show.

They can feed with in a meter of the viewing window so taking photos with smartphone or wide angle lens is possible and we have lights on the feeding station if the daylight fades.

From July onwards we can expect the female Marten to maybe show up with her kits and this makes lots of antics to see as they feed and play together.

We can now offer the Pine Marten viewing at this location all year round although between October & March they usually make an appearance after dark, the addition of lights on the feeding station make them clear to see and they really do not mind the lights at all or flash from cameras.

Option 1: For 1 or 2 guests to observe pine martens in their pine forest environment. Clothes -layers/waterproof stout shoes. Midge nets will be provided.
£70 per person – refreshments and snacks are provided. Special rates for groups or a Family

Option 2: Up to 4 people to watch in the comfort of a covered chalet pine martens at a feeding station. Clothes warm.  –

Contact skyehighwildlife@gmail.com or phone 01471 855643   Mobile 07402408107

Deer stalking/photo stalking

Details can be given if you are interested in this tour. Prices to be discussed in Liaison with shooting estate.

During all the tours your guests will of course get the chance to views sea birds such as Gannets/Terns/Mergansers/Eider Ducks/Gray lag geese/Cormorants/Shags/Oyster catchers/ Sea Eagles/Turnstones.

Minke Whales, common dolphins, Porpoises, common seals all frequent the shores around Skye.

If your guests wish to visit places further afield such as Neist Point the most westerly point of Skye and home to one of Stevenson’s Lighthouses then Stewart will oblige any requests.

Nature is her own boss so sightings of any of the creatures mentioned cannot absolutely be guaranteed. Stewart is a wildlife expert who has abilities to track wild animals, he observes their behaviours and the environment. If anyone can help you get close to nature it is he.

Contact us to book your wildlife watching trip – we look forward to hearing from you.


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